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Written By: Tandy Hasser

Core Financial


Have you ever thought that you paid way more than you should have on health care?

Many people have thought so, and there are a lot of reasons that can happen. With the number of people involved in medical care, claims submissions, coding , insurance, billing ….the list of potential errors can be endless. And whenever humans are involved, human error is bound to occur, which often leads to you receiving a bill you don’t owe.

The good news is that these types of human errors are usually easily fixed if you know what to look for and how to work with both the medical providers and the insurance companies.

Here at Core Financial, we offer free deductible reviews to any of our health insurance clients who need assistance sorting through the huge pile of paperwork that comes with any medical claim. We will analyze your claims, compare the bills from your providers, the co-pays, deductibles, co-insurance amounts, and make sure that you don’t pay a dime over your plans promised Out-of-Pocket-Maximum limit. We work on your behalf with medical providers, insurance companies, and billing departments to make sure every claim is processed and billed properly.

In addition, we help you understand the complicated world of health insurance by providing a simple and easy to understand printout of all of your claims, what you owe to each provider, and take the time to explain it all in plain English. From simple one-time ER visits to complicated multi-year cancer claims, we are here to help our clients. You can contact our office at 719-336-5550 to find out more about our health insurance options and how our team goes above and beyond to save you money.

We are helping people, and here to stay.


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